Where'd My Ass Go? It's Behind You

How often have you been on and off a diet? Lose and gain the same weight every year? Ever wish that the yo-yo diet was just the toy and not the story of your life? How many times have you looked in the mirror and hated the sight of your ass and thighs? Tired of racing past mirrors because you hate the way your pants fit? It's time to put your ass and your diet life behind you, forever!!!

If you have spent most of your adult life dieting, it's fair to say, changing the pattern is not going to be easy. Chronic dieting establishes hard core patterns of repeated failures. Changing the habits of yo-yo dieting takes time and consistent work. This book is not about dieting. This book is about putting your bad patterns and fat behind you!

The 33 billion dollar diet industry is successful not because people lose weight, it's because they gain the weight back, only to diet again and again. Within one year, nearly 100% of dieters regain all of their weight plus five pounds more! Diets do help people lose weight, but that's it, keeping it off is an entirely different story. People spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year, losing the same weight over and over. Why can't we keep the weight off? Because people diet and don't learn how to eat naturally. Natural eating or physiologically eating, means eating when your body says its hungry. Kids eat when they're hungry. They instinctively know when they need to eat but as we age, we begin to eat ritualistically or out of habit, i.e. popcorn at movie theatres, dessert after every meal. We eat out of desire, instead of need. This book helps you return to eating to live, instead of living to eat.

When was the last time you felt hunger; a true hunger pain? Some of us haven't felt hunger for years. It is critical to establish when your body is hungry and how to feed it. Identifying when to eat and how much to eat is NOT easy. This book you will teach you how to eat out of need and not desire. This book will help you reach your normal body weight!

The diet industry counts on your failures. Without your failures, you (the consumer), wouldn't be making them so rich. So if you are serious about leaving the diets and your ass behind, don't put this book down! I can help you focus on losing weight and keeping it off. I teach you what to do when dieting fails! Where'd Your Ass Go? It's still behind you, only it's smaller.